Grue (mrgrue) wrote in mtad,

Redesign - Garue

This time I went with more clothes and a less muscular physique (mostly due to the clothes). I revisited my idea for him to swing around a fridge as a weapon, added razor-covered forearm armor, and razor-toed boots. He's not nervous/paranoid like the last design, but he is crazy!
I also decided to keep the belt and the torn jeans, going so far as to put tears in the rest of his clothing (which is somewhat baggy) as well. This character is rather tall at 7'2. I'm not entirely sure why.
Not the best-drawn picture, but it'll do. Also had some trouble with the levels. >_>
But come on... his primary weapon is a fridge! A Fridge! :O
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perhaps a minifridge would be more practical? Or a kegerator XD

Overall cool idea I look forward to seeing attacks
I probably will change it to a mini fridge, though I drew the fullsize one because a) Shows a general size guide (He's taller than your run of the mill refrigerator :o), b) I hadn't settled on what sort of fridge to use, and c) It'd be cool to see him whip around a full-size fridge. XD

Maybe he can switch to a fullsize fridge for another sort of special attack. :p
I like the idea of a full sized fridge used for attacks, but I think he could do with being bigger, more bulky and muscular I mean. not quite Speh size, but enough to look like he can haul that fridge around without too much trouble.
also not entirely keen on the outfit. maybe a heavy warm coat of some sort, maybe eskimo'ish looking. since fridges are cold and all. :p
I dunno, I think the lankiness is kinda cool. But I do think a minifridge would look better on him.

Attacking with the fridge's contents would make for some fun fights!
Actually, it's kind of hard to tell, but his shirt is actually a torn sweater type of clothing. I still think I'm gonna keep revamping the costume, however. I'll toy with him being either lankier or bulkier.