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More character stuff


here is a filler image. until i have the ablity to draw more. read below the backstory for reason of lack of new images. below the cut is what i come up for a backstory. still have not figured out my moves yet, but getting closer. =)

Character backstory:
alright.. first i was going to have her be... just some royal brat... fighting for some reason.. but didn't really like it so here is what i came up with:

so what i figured... was that she is indeed an imperial princess of the crow empire, not in any sort of direct line for the throne. anyways, when she was a baby, the crow empire was at war, and during a seige on one of the palaces... she was kidnapped by a mercinary. He, being a kind man, but not beyond the influence of money, realized he was no person to raise a girl. so he sold her into slavery, selling her to a wealthy family to be raised as a ladies maid for the daughter of that family. the family was kind, and they gave her an education, and she lived well for a slave, until the daughter got married off, to a cruel husband. because she was the ladies maid of the daughter, the princess went with the daughter. while the daughter styed kind as always, her new husband had bad maners and even worse intentions for the princess. this is when some sort of protection, or a curse started to appear, and when ever the husand started to think bad twards the princess, other urgent maters appeared that he had to take care of.
the husband had a chain of bad luck, and lost so much money that he eventually had to sell off his wifes ladies maid, the princess. it was a gladiator training camp owner that eventually bought the poor princess. now the owner of the gladiator camp initially got the princess, as a servent and as gift for those gladiators of his who did well fighting in the arena. yet when the owner tried to give her to prized fighters, in the morning the princess was always found to have beaten the gladiators up. It had been during this period where the princess finally learned control over the protection spell, or the "curse" as it is known to those who fight her. after seeing the damage that the princess could cause, the owner saw it as an oppertunity to exploit the princess. he had her trained for fighting as a gladiator. and in this way she eventually fought and earned her freedom. from this point, she went to the family who orginally bought her, in search of information of where her family is at. it was from them she learned of the mercenary, and has been searching for him ever since, to find out who she is and where she comes from.

as you can see the story is a bit dark. and is in a very rough draft type state. i need to add in information about how her mother placed the protective spell on her. or it was also an idea that her father was a demon or some evil being and thus she has her powers... not sure on that point yet. but at the fighting stage, she does not have any information on her idenity.

other ideas, would be that there are many difrent types of outfits to unlock for her. the black leather is her "fighting queen" outfit. (needs a better name). other outfits would be, the gladiator outfit with full mask, slave rags, and even a maids uniform. another idea is, if supposedly another character were to be said mercenary, if someone beat the game with her, and she found her idenity, another outfit she could get, would be some royal imperial princess type outfit. also, if she has her own fight stage, i was thinking, maybe it would be, some imperial gladiator areana or something.

note. at the momement, my main harddrive on my desktop is dying in the *spin up click spin up click* type fashion. which of course means, sense i draw using my tablet, that i have no ablity to draw, or color images at the moment. which really sucsk, cause this week is my spring break and i was going to use this time to work on it. i don't know when i will get my desktop fixed. so unless i either get my computer fixed, or get my tablet working on a diffrent computer, i will be behind, which is annoying cause i had all these sketches drawn out, and the computer froze before i could save... and they are gone.
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