Grue (mrgrue) wrote in mtad,

GrueFighter X! >:O

This is the original sketch I did for my fighter. I kinda liked it, but a lot of stuff is off-balance and such. I'm gonna rework him, maybe give him the personality from the second drawing I did, give him more of a costume, etc.
The basic premise is that he turns into a huge shadowy beast-dude. The control collar and belt keep him from losing his mind completely to the beast. (The beast was also just sketched into the background so as to give a basic idea. I'm going to redraw it as a separate image.)

Any suggestions? I was wondering if it would be better for him to be a bit scrawnier, so it would be a more drastic change between types. Scrawny guy would probably have faster moves, Shadow-guy definitely stronger moves. Suggestions on type of costume would be appreciated too.
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