neobunny (neobunny) wrote in mtad,

well heres my first try at my character, along with one of his robot bunnygirl sidekicks that fight with him (bunnygirls will be shorter than him obviously).

info: as far as fighters go hes an odd one. I dont think he will have any particular fighting style, being more of a brawler type. to make up for his basic fighting he uses his unlimited supply of robot bunnygirls to attack with. probably silly sorts of attacks, like firing lasers out of their arms, lots of them running over the opponent, hugging them before exploding, and flashing their boobs to dazzle them. and also some moves involving kissing and fondling to restore health or give a slight boost to his power or speed.
yes hes a bit of the pervert, and there tends to be a fair bit of fanservice involved with his bunnygirls running about. even including some for the ladies what with that kilt of his. ;p

I spent ages just trying to think of a look for my character. the only definate thing I had decided on though was the kilt. in the end I just started drawing a guy with a kilt and hoped randomness would work (did the same for the bunnygirl actually). I did try to add a few things that matched with the bunnygirl design so that they wouldnt look out of place working together.
I might have been a bit GGX inspired. ^^;

any input would be appreciated.
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