Grue (mrgrue) wrote in mtad,

New Garue Design

As far as drawing goofs go, his left arm is not natural, possibly broken, and the mask needs to wrap around the face better, but otherwise I'm decently pleased with it. I was thinking of how to change the design, and I realized that the roster is missing a masked crazy guy! So I changed the previous paint/tattoo on the face into a mask. His extremities are purposely longer than a normal person, and he is now a full 8' tall. I added some messy bandaging to show off the fact that he's pretty wild, and ready to brawl any time. I'm still on the fence about the fridge, since it's really hard for me to draw realistically, but I also realize he needs a unique weapon or ability. Oh, and I kept his torn jeans, because I got some good comments on them in previous versions. :p
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Hehe, he looks quite gangly now, at 8' tall! :)

I think you should keep the fridge, it's an awesome comedy weapon.

His mask and shoulder designs are very interesting, any chance of a similar design on his trousers?
I figured on adding something. I wasn't even sure on what to do for the tattoo design. I tried a bunch, and just left this one. I may change it a bit, but the overall design is pretty cool.
And the only reason I keep shying away from the fridge, as awesome as it is and as much as I'd love to keep it... Have you drawn any characters using fridges as weapons? It's hard. Heck, have you drawn any fridges period? XD
I'll probably keep trying, and hopefully I'll get something that works well.