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Who did you see rob the store, ma'am?

So i thought, after the discussion during the last entry, we aughta have some sort of lineup to work out heights and stuff for reference. el hombres del noches editumundoianalesadilla con queso: slightly updated again AGAIN AGAIN!

if you could, just add in a little outline or doodle of your character with the acurate height detail on it. Nothing too fancy is needed, just enough to know it's your character and what height they are. >.>
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Allrighty, I'll get on that after I get through my list of chores o.o
Chopping wood and bailing hay (hey hey)?
yesterday was full of hate. today will feature drawing
Okie doke, will doodle when I get up in the morning.
A doodle a day keeps the doctor away...or something...

looks like Neolo's bunnygirls are about the same height as Score.
well, he IS 14. Besides, it's the right height for maximum boobgrabbage!
Oh, btw...Would you mind if i edited this in the pic i posted?
yeah thats fine. if I'd known I would have made it match better.
eh, i wouldn't worry abooot it, it's mostly just for reference...if one of us wants they could actually go out of their way to make a nice lineup pic, but it's not neccesary.

Speh is now almost a foot taller than I originally thought he'd be XD He just looks better that way!

And here's a larger version fo the pic I used.
coolies. Editianables.

Cool Mo Dee. Editadillas!
Heheheee, I knew how tall she was, but only when you see them all lined up does it really hit home how tiny she is XD
It reminds me of this crazy 6'7" guy who refused to date women over 5'2" for some odd reason or another...his girlfriend was all of 4'8" >.>

Working on finishing up the design on mah dude at the moment, here's updated chart with my fighter.
Coolmorz. Edit con queso.
F'in magic son!