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Round 2!

I had some difficulty with my plans for my character's hair, so I decided to dump the longer hair idea and stick with the buzzcut look, if I don't go even shorter! I'm also experimenting with possible scars on his head which would cut into the hairline, but so far I'm not happy with those either so they may go.

His trousers are very strappy, and meant to look like a pants version of a straight jacket. Seeing as I'm definitely keeping the sweater, I had to show his mental health issues some other way. Although he's a really nice guy he's spent quite a bit of time in a psychiatric establishment more because his blind enthusiasm and sheer size make him dangerous to others despite himself, rather than any of his manic obsessions. I'm still finalising the design for his pants, they'll either end up as baggy shorts (second pic) or quite tight fitting (other pics).

His whole outfit is simply what he wears all the time in the mental institution he stays at, I was going for a very indoors-wear look (coz he wouldn't bother to change to go out) so I gave him the slippers. I love monster slippers! :D

This guy used to be a wrestler and streetfighter. He was always pretty simple-minded, friendly and optimistic but something horrible happened to him 5 years ago that sent him over the edge into a delirium-like state. Now he's equally and massively enthusiastic about everything. He can no longer discriminate between situations where he should be angry or sad or happy, because he enjoys it all! He gets the same enjoyment from streetfighting as he does from birthday parties. He loves people and making new friends and gives people glompish hugs all the time - even if they're meant to be his opponent! In the middle of a fight, he's as likely to cuddle you as clothesline you, there's really no difference for him anymore!

His demeanour is pleasant, so it's his size that makes him dangerous. If a 5'10" guy came up to you and hugged you as firmly as he could, you'll probably feel some pressure, maybe even get hurt a little. This guy is over 6'6" tall and an ex-wrestler brimming with muscle. His enthusiastic hugs do REAL damage!

That's a quicky background story for my guy, I need to clean up details and re-write it a couple of times...

Oh yeah, and my character's name? He's called Speh :D

Here's a command list I made up for Speh, in the Capcom style:

I think now you can see where my inspiration came from :)

Here's a rundown of what the moves do:
Forward Roll: Simply rolls forward, avoiding mid and high attacks (inc. missile attacks) and rolling through his opponent if he's close enough. Just to get closer to the opponent for his throws.
Glomp: A punishingly enthusiastic hug! He hugs them, they fall to the ground broken.
Pounceglomp: He'll run forward a short distance arms outstretched, and hug his opponent if he reaches him.
Airglomp: When use on the ground, he'll leap forwards into the air and catch an airborn attacker in a hug that drags them both ot the ground. Also used as a straight mid-air throw.
Counterglomp: Will stop mid or high physical attacks in their tracks with a hearty hug!
Doubleglomp: Follows up any of his grappling moves by holding onto his opponent as they fall and giving them a second, stronger hug on the floor. It's very versatile and powerful, so I made it very difficult to perform also to balance it out.
LOVE YOU MAN: A super-hug. I've not decided what this will look like yet, but it's a super variant of Speh's Glomp attack.
Supamegadoubleglomp: I like the name, but I wanted different naming conventions for my supermoves to my specials. You've probably already guessed, this is a super version of Doubleglomp.

A couple of notes:

Each glomping move is a throw move a heart and so can't be blocked, just like other throws. This makes Speh very dangerous at close range, especially since every glomp could potentially lead into a Doubleglomp! Needless to say, Speh is slow-moving and has no missile attack to speak of, to balance things out.

I thought Forward Roll and Counterglomp could behave differently when facing Neo's character than other characters. His bunnygirl attacks, while considered missile attacks of a sort (entity comes on screen, entity travels towards opponent, entity destroys itself and hurts opponent) would react to Speh's moves differently. Forward Roll can avoid missile attacks but not bunnygirls, and while Counterglomp cannot stop missile attacks it would catch a bunnygirl and dispose of her with a hefty hug. So when facing Neo as Speh you'd have to employ different tactics, just to make things a little more interesting.

There we go, that was quite long-winded! This week I'm gonna keep working on his trousers, then sort out a colour scheme and hopefully produce a sketch of the final pic.
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Awesome, dude. Looks like he'd be fun to play.
The mobveset is actually the core of the character's design, I knew what I wanted him to do then based his appearence on the rationalisation of that style. How can he do this effectively? Why? etc.
More and more I am wishing that this were a real game. XD
Heh, that would rock. But I'll be happy enough to see the finished product of this project.
Definately one of the most original characters on here XD
You think? I wouldn't go so far to say that.
I would. So there.
so does he live where the wild things are? >:P

Fun design. I'd love to see the colors on it...because honestly it looks like he's not wearing any pants with just the pencils. >.>
Hahaha XD Aw man, I've not read that in years.

Thanks, I'll get to work on the colours this week.

There is a secret nopants version of Speh hidden in teh game! >.>
That version's not so popular tho.

dude XD cool. awesome, hug attacks! XD

a little known fact, there's a female version in the game that you can unlock...

... named steph. ;D

*Pounceglomps Hira*

Actually, Neo and I were talking about designing a Gender Blender character...
though a gender blendered version of Speh might be rather scary. XD
of course, if there were a GB character it'd definitely be Me. Or maybe someone with a paper bag on their head. >.>
We were thinking a mirror-match kinda boss character who fights you as a GB'ed version of your own.
infact player 2 could automatically be a GB'ed version if both are the same character, instead of just changing their colour pallete.
I'm a bigger fan of the classic "press a different button to select a different colour" method. You get 6-8 colours that way :)
oh of course that would still be in it. I'm just talking about instances when both characters are the same character. only then would the gender blender thing would take effect. of course even the GB'ed version can have the same multiple colour variations. :p

and cant rule out an actual GB character, like randy said. he/she/it could change your characters gender during the match as one of his/her/its moves. maybe work as a sort of stun/dazzle attack. well you would be pretty shocked if you suddenly grew boobs and lost your manhood right?. XD
could even lead to different endings depending on what gender you end up with when you defeat him/her/it. XD
You mean like... er... (that vampire guy from Darkstalkers?)
I never played any Darkstalkers games. :/
Me neither, but there's a vampire in Darkstalkers who as a special move turns his male vitims into maidens to suck their blood (female victims become even more womanly). It's comedy and quite silly.

He's also in SNK vs Capcom Chaos, if you like to see Streetfighter characters GB'ed...
Or (better yet) you could just have a subboss character "G.B." who does the Pocket fighter thing and transforms into GB versions of the characters for his/her individual attacks. That would be a lot easier on everyone.

Of course, Melty Sue is the final boss. Fear her "Suicidal Depression In a Snowstorm" attack!
Getting any chance to see your stuff, always makes me stand up and run around my own chair, worshipping and yelling out excitedly.

It really does top the list of characters Id want to play. And those feet are just a touch of genius.
Heh, cheers dude. That's nice of you to say.